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WeekAgenda View

The Week Agenda view is a combination of Week and Agenda views presenting a list of upcoming events within a week.

week agenda view


To initialize the WeekAgenda view and add it to the scheduler, use the code below:

public ActionResult Index() {
    var sched = new DHXScheduler(this);
    var agenda= new WeekAgendaView();//initializes the view
    agenda.Label = "Week";// the name of the tab
    sched.Views.Add(agenda);//adds the view to the scheduler
    return View(sched);


To configure the WeekAgenda view, make use of the properties below:

  • Label - (string) the text label of the tab. The default value - 'Agenda'
  • Name - (string) the name of the view. The property is read-only. By default - 'week'
  • TabClass - (string) the name of the CSS class that will be applied to the tab
  • TabPosition - (integer) the right offset of the view tab in the tabbar. By default, tabs go right-to-left in the order of addition to the scheduler
  • TabStyle - (string) the style that will be applied to the tab
  • TabWidth - (integer) the width of the tab
  • ViewType - (string) the type of the view. The property is read-only

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