ASP.NET Scheduler | Event Calendar - Multiple Resource Views - Units, Timeline
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Scheduler.NET Features

DHTMLX Scheduler .NET provides all essential features that allow you to create rich and highly customizable event and booking calendars for ASP.NET/MVC/MVC3 Razor apps.

Check out the full list of features or view live demos. The full 30-day trial version of Scheduler .NET is available for download.

Multiple Resource Views

DHTMLX Scheduler .NET supports Units View to display event calendars for several resources (e.g. employees, office locations, rooms) on one page. This is how the calendar looks in the Units View:

If you need to display units in multiple days, you can add Week Units to your calendar:

Another way to show calendars for multiple resources is horizontal Timeline View. In this view resources can also be arranged in expandable groups. Now you can also resize each event and drag events from the center.

We have enabled Days mode in timeline view, which allows displaying days instead of sections on the vertical scale of the timeline view.

You can add multisection events that can be assigned to several resources at the same time (e.g. one task for several team members):