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Content Security Policy Compliance

Content Security Policy, or CSP for short, is a mechanism of protecting web sites from cross-site scripting attacks and similar threats.

In order to comply with the CSP standard, the library provides a special extension. It will help you to ensure safety of the web applications you are developing with DHTMLX Scheduler .Net.

To enable the extension, you need to include the corresponding file on the page, as follows:


This extension is applied on top of the basic Scheduler and redefines unsafe code (date formatters and parsers, for the most part). Nevertheless, it is necessary to allow the usage of inline styles, since they are important for correct rendering of Scheduler.

The extension is not enabled by default, since CSP compatible implementation of methods may reduce the UI performance of the component. It doesn't affect the work of scheduler greatly and if you need to make your app in accordance with the CSP standard, just enable the extension.

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