How to Sync Scheduler .NET with Outlook Calendar

We are glad to share another tutorial demonstrating excellent binding capabilities of DHTMLX Scheduler .NET. It can now be syncronized with Outlook calendars, using Microsoft Live Account.

We've prepared this detailed tutorial that explains how to implement an event calendar in ASP.NET MVC5 that uses Outlook Calendar as data source, without using Scheduler .NET database.

To enable syncronization of Scheduler .NET calendar events with Outlook, we used Outlook REST API.  

To proceed with the tutorial you will have to use Visual Studio 2013. The provided code is valid both for ASP.NET MVC5 and MVC4 applications.

calendar syncronization with outlook

See also tutorial how to syncronize DHTMLX Scheduler .NET with Google Calendar.

If it is the first time you'd like to use our scheduling component for your .NET application, see installation instructions here.

You can also get a 30 days evaluation license with free technical support and access to our online ticket system. All you have to do is to request evaluation license here.



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