Free Appointment Scheduler/Calendar templates

Free Demo Samples to Download

Free full 30 day trials of DHTMLX Scheduler .NET samples are available for download.
Click on the sample links below to start downloading the required package. Links to the detailed tutorials are provided in each package.
To purchase our scheduler control, refer to the Scheduler .NET license.

A fully customizable web control with the Scheduler .NET ready samples in MVC3 (C#), MVC4 (C#), MVC5 (C#), MVC3 (Visual Basic), WebForms (C#) and WebForms (Visual Basic) included into the package.
Office meeting rooms demo with recurring events to handle room reservations. Created with the use of Scheduler .NET in ASP.NET MVC5 View Online
Car rental demo with live update and a possibility to book several cars of one brand at a time. Implemented in ASP.NET MVC5 Razor. View Online
A car rental service sample with a search area and a customer’s order form. Implemented in ASP.NET MVC3 Razor using Scheduler .NET web control. View Online
Appointment calendar template in ASP.NET MVC5 created with the use of Scheduler .NET, Entity Framework (CodeFirst) and Bootstrap.Read tutorial
A booking calendar demo user credentials authentication. Created with Scheduler .NET customized in MVC3 Razor. Terrace skin applied.
A booking calendar demo with a user login form. Implemented with Scheduler .NET configured in MVC3 Razor. Classic skin applied. View Online
A calendar control sample with the server-side dhtmlxConnector library to easily handle data connections while creating a scheduler/event calendar.
A demo sample with NHibernate for .NET. Requires additional creation of a database and changing the connection string in the xml config file. Implemented in Visual Studio 2012.
Hotel room booking calendar demo with simple filtration by rom type, room status and reservation type. View Online
Task manager template in ASP.NET MVC5, created with the use of DHTMLX Scheduler .NET, ASP.NET Identity, Entity Framework.
A simplistic Web Forms application with Scheduler .NET and recurring events. SignalR-powered real-time update is enabled.
A booking calendar demo sample updated with dynamic data loading and transparent events. The calendar is created with Scheduler .NET customized in ASP.NET MVC3 Razor. View Online
A web control sample that utilizes ADO.NET Entity Data Model of the Entity Model. Model generated from the database.
A web control sample with ASP.NET SignalR library that adds real-time web functionality to your schedulers and calendars.
A ready scheduler sample of .NET Scheduler implementation in Visual Basic (VB.NET).
A web control sample with IIS 8.0 WebSocket Protocol Support adds live update that allows instant display of any amendments to scheduler pages (requires Windows8 and Visual Studio 2012).
If you get the following message: "Evaluation period has expired!", just update DHTMLX.Scheduler.NET package from NuGet