DHTMLX Scheduler .NET 3.1 Released: New Skin, MultiSection Events, and More

We are happy to announce a minor update of DHTMLX Scheduler .NET web control to the version 3.1. The new update introduces a trendy flat skin, resizable events in the month view, simple drag-and-drop between multiple schedulers (for Scheduler PRO), support for MVC5+, and more useful features and improvements.

Trendy “Flat” Skin

We’ve elaborated a new metro-like skin with enlarged figures and acute-angled event boxes and other calendar elements.

flat skin calendar 

Multisection Events in Multiple Resource View

We enabled adding multisection events in the timeline and units view of DHTMLX Scheduler .NET. Now you can create an event for several resources at once. This feature is especially valuable when you’d like to add a task and assign it, for example, to all team members. If you make any updates to the task, it is automatically updated for all assignees.

multi section events in calendar 

Resizable Events in Month View

Scheduler .NET got an updated month view that now allows resizing an event directly in the month view of the calendar. Previously, you had to make edits in the popup window of the lightbox. Now you can change the end and the start date by simple drag-and-drop of the event edges.

 resizable events in calendar

Dragging Events between Schedulers

The Scheduler Pro version, as you can remember, allows creating multiple scheduler instances per page. We’ve improved this feature by adding an ability to drag-and-drop events between schedulers.

Enhanced Grid View 

The latest version demonstrates a more flexible grid view. Besides dynamic data loading,  it now allows customizing the time interval (for example, a year or a month) for the data to be displayed on one page of your calendar.

Event Position Highlighting

In this Scheduler .NET version we’ve enabled highlighting an event position on the time-scale during the drag-and-drop. Now it is more convenient for creating new events or resizing event boxes, especially on large screens.

highlight event position in calendar 

Enhanced Export to PDF and PNG

We introduced a new online service to export data to PDF and PNG, preserving its visual parameters.

Other Improvements

DHTMLX Scheduler .NET 3.1. includes a number of bug fixes, such as fixes of conflicts with MVC5+ security model. The latest version also demonstrates better work on windows touch devices, boasts improved dynamic loading of events, etc.

We also provide detailed documentation with code snippets to help you out with the updated web control.

Get Scheduler .NET 3.1 right now.

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