Car Rental App Demo in ASP.NET MVC5

We’ve finally updated our car rental app in the ASP.NET MVC5 framework and are ready to share it with you. The new demo sample comes with an optimized UI, fixed bugs and some newly added useful features listed below. You can evaluate the results of our fruitful work in the new online demo sample available for download: car rental application demo in asp net mvc5

In addition to basic DHTMLX Scheduler .NET functionality and standard car booking features (such as checking car availability, browsing car types and prices, setting pick up and drop off dates and location) demonstrated in the previous demo, the updated car rental app has got:

  • Simple and slick UI with calendar terrace skin
  • Data reset and enabled auto-update for fast car search
  • Dynamic loading of events
  • Expandable lists with several cars of the same brand, displaying only one car in the calendar
  • At simultaneous rent, saving a booking for user who saves his rent first
  • Added possibility to display a week and two weeks in the timeline view

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Viktoria Langer

DHTMLX Scheduler .NET product care manager and customer manager since 2012. Interested in ASP.NET and trying to create valuable content.

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