Task Manager in MVC2

Task Manager in MVC2

(see also a new tutorial to create task manager in MVC5)

In this tutorial we are going to create a .Net MVC project implementing tasks management. We named this app simply - 'Task Manager' (Download tutorial package).

task manager in mvc2

Project description

  1. The application contains some number of tasks and employees. All tasks under an app can only be handled by these employees.
  2. A task is assigned to only one employee at a time. Task can be forwarded to another employee defined in the app.
  3. An employee can change the status of a task assigned to him.
  4. There are two types of users, named Manager and Employee.
  5. An Employee can only change the status of his task and view details.
  6. A Manager can create, edit and close tasks.
  7. Tasks change their color depending on the status.
  8. All types of users must log in by user ID and password. According to their type, they will have different privilege, as stated above.

    Download tutorial package


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