ASP.NET Scheduler | Event Calendar for ASP.NET - Testimonials

Our Clients Say

We are very impressed with the DHTMLX Scheduler .Net calendar control. It's not only simple to implement, and saves many hours of development time and costs, but the team who designed it back it up with first class support when we did have questions. And did we mention it looks good too!

Amir Chaychi, Canada

DHTMLX Scheduler .NET has enabled us to easily integrate an event control into our software solution. Our use and requirements for it, is a bit off the normal use, however the support team has been very kind to help us overcome the obstacle we ran into during the implementation.

Michael Kjeldsen, Denmark

DHTMLX Scheduler .NET has met our expectations. When we've wanted to add new functionality we've found that scheduler already has the required functionality.

Joe Kerley, UK

It’s a good event calendar. We have used it in one of our products and it's now in market, many licenses of it are sold. I have recommended this to one of my another customer too.

Ratnesh Kumar Sinha, India

It has definitely met my expectations in functionality and ease in utilizing the API. This application is a bargain when considering the amount of development hours necessary to provide an application of this standard.

Neil Walker, USA

Thanks for a great calendar!! It works just as expected and very versatile. I looked around for a number of calendar solutions and yours was by far the best. Our users will really enjoy using such a great solution.

Sergio Pinon, USA

This control is really usefull and save a lot of time implementing such functionality. It is easy to integrate in our project and to customize the parts of it we need.

Sandra Leonie Ritter, Germany

We love the product and plan to use it again if we have projects that need web calendering on. Since we do custom projects we don't always have the "feature", but if we do we will be back for sure.

Jeremy Neuharth, USA

I am pretty much happy with the support and features provided by DHTMLX. I have achieved my requirements within short time. Keep up the good work.

Kamal Hasan, India

We have used the trial and within two weeks we were able to build the application that meets all our calendaring requirements. The control is great, extensible and simply powerful to fulfill all of our requirements so far.

Goran Bacvarovski, Canada

Easy to use, works well on different browsers currently and reduced barrier to producing a quick prototype.

Daniel Abbatt, UK

It has been fantastic so far, it would take weeks (or even months) to have developed a control of this calibre to user on our website, so huge cost saving.

Alec Wadey, UK

I do like the fact you ported this to .net. I have used the js version and love it. I am looking to purchase and trying to decide which version to go with. I am more of a web forms guy but MVC is fine. I think the biggest feature I am looking for is to make it multi-user so I can make this work for my membership based system.

Michael Brown, USA