Task Manager in MVC5

Task Manager in MVC5

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a task manager project in MVC5. You can download a ready sample in MVC5 .

task manager in mvc5

Project description

  1. Task manager app contains a number of tasks and employees. Employees can handle the assigned tasks
  2. One task is assigned to one employee. It can also be reassigned to another employee by manager
  3. Employee can change the status of a task that is assigned to him and view task details
  4. The app includes two types of users Manager and Employee
  5. Manager can add, edit and close all tasks
  6. Task status is defined by task color
  7. All user types have different access rights. To login, a user must enter user ID and password.

    PROCEED WITH TUTORIAL or download task manager sample in MVC5

Tutorial Steps

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