ASP.NET Scheduler | Event Calendar - Recurring Events
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Scheduler.NET Features

DHTMLX Scheduler .NET provides all essential features that allow you to create rich and highly customizable event and booking calendars for ASP.NET/MVC/MVC3 Razor apps.

Check out the full list of features or view live demos. The full 30-day trial version of Scheduler .NET is available for download.

Recurring Events

The ASP.NET scheduler supports recurring events, which can be configured to repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. You can customize the event edit form to create different recurrence patterns.

Now you can also define the lightbox mode before it is opened for editing. Three options are available:

  • message alerts asking a user whether he’d like to edit the series of recurring event or only a certain instance;
  • the lightbox opens up instantly and you can edit a certain instance of the event;
  • the lightbox opens up instantly for editing the series of recurring events;

You can enable Timestamps in UTC for recurring events. This feature allows you to work with recurring events independently of time zones. In this case, events are stored as UNIX time.

The improved recurrence pattern allows you to create recurring events that start from the date of their actual occurrence. For instance, you create an event that should repeat each Wednesday on the current Friday. The created event won’t be added to the current week.