DHTMLX Scheduler .NET v.3.3.16 Maintenance Release

Let's meet this spring with the client-side improvements for DHTMLX Scheduler .NET. Though we haven't announced such small maintenance releases before, our developers never cease working. And now they have successfully tuned up the web calendar control for flawless performance. 

The major client-side improvements include: 

  • Data Loading - fix bug with foreign key serialization when using EntityFramework
  • Touch support - multiday area of Day/Weeks/Units views now supports touch input
  • Touch support - fix flickering task on touch drag
  • Timeline - fix conflict between onYScaleClick and ignore columns config
  • Timeline - fix incorrect state after canceling onBeforeEventChanged action
  • Tree Timeline - fix ability to use timeline_scale_class template with Tree Timeline
  • dataProcessor - correct state of dataProcessor after scheduler is cleared with scheduler.clearAll
  • dataProcessor - fix incorrect state of dataProcessor after successive adding and modifying recurring series when Live Update is enabled
  • Day/Week views - fix event visibility when the time scale is limited by DHXScheduler.Config.first_hour/HXScheduler.Config.first_hour settings
  • Multiday Units View - fix default event section after double click
  • General - occassional Chrome bug, when click and double click events stopped firing
  • General - fixes for daylight savings time bugs in Safari
  • and other minor fixes

We've also updated our license policy, so this update is available only for .NET Scheduler PRO users. For the users of Standard Edition the update with all fixes be available in future minor or major update.   

If you have't tried DHTMLX Scheduler .NET yet, get a 30 days trial now.

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Viktoria Langer

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