DHTMLX Scheduler: Distinguishing Features and Use Cases

DHTMLX Scheduler aids developers to arrange business appointments or other events in the form of Google-like event calendars. DHTMLX Scheduler is a great option for providing a bird’s eye view of individual business events that can take place on a recurring basis. These are daily briefings, brainstorming sessions, release dates, milestone events, etc. Such activities form the basis for actual project tasks shown in Gantt charts.

Web developers frequently use this scheduling calendar component for creating appointment scheduling software in public administration, healthcare, education, and real estate projects.

The most notable thing about it is a wide range of available views (Day, Week, Month, Year, Agenda, Grid, Map, Timeline, Week Agenda, Units) for displaying events in different ways. If that’s not enough, it is not a problem to create a custom view.

The Timeline view is one of the most popular calendar views, which resembles a Gantt chart. It is intended for showing project resources (employees, equipment, rooms, etc.) on the Y-axis and a timeline of activities assigned to resources on the X-axis. This view includes four modes (bar, days, cell, and tree) that provide developers with more visualization options.

Using DHTMLX Scheduler and its Timeline view as a core element, our team created demo applications based on Material design that vividly show the basic capabilities of this JavaScript library.

The car rental calendar is a user-friendly JavaScript solution for managing car reservations. It comes with multiple filtering options (car type, price, availability of a car), car availability status (reserved, prepaid, paid), and the possibility to indicate car usage periods.

Car rental calendar demo >

The room booking system app is designed for making hotel reservations via an intuitive drag-and-drop UI. Users can effectively interact with the system using room types filtering and different statuses for booking and room conditions shown in various colors.

Hotel booking system demo >

Both demo applications can serve as a point of departure in the development of more complex apps with extended functionality. It is also possible to implement custom solutions, for example, for specifying relationships between events in DHTMLX calendars.

Source: https://dhtmlx.com/blog/dhtmlx-gantt-vs-dhtmlx-scheduler-choose/



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