Car Rental Application with Demo for ASP.NET

We are pleased to inform that we have further extended DHTMLX Scheduler .NET booking capabilities. This time we tried to take the utmost advantage of our online booking calendar extension and complete it with the required car rental features. This effort resulted in the creation of a new ASP.NET car rental application with high usability.

Our car rental application offers some valuable and usable features, first of all, for the end-users who can:

  • Check car availability;
  • Browse and choose cars types;
  • View car brands;
  • Set car pick up and drop off dates;
  • Choose pick up and drop off locations;
  • Make quick online rentals;
This app offers an intuitive user-friendly interface. It allows you to use the conventional drag-and-drop and also easily change rent duration. When you hover over the right or left border of a rent box you can resize it by dragging it left/right. Duration of each rent is displayed in the rent box. 
The application includes a search form to help find available vehicles for the desired period of time. Pick-up and drop-off dates can be set with Scheduler .NET popup date-picker that simplifies navigation through days, months and years. The car type and the price range can be additionally set in the drop-down lists when required. We have customized the customers’ form accordingly. It provides a possibility to add contact and rental details as well as locations to facilitate the rental process.

All the rental data are stored in the application database. Administrators can easily add/edit/delete new car types and brands, view and manage bookings, disable some options when required, and etc.

Full descriptions will be available in our car rental tutorial that is to come soon.

At the moment we offer a car rental application with a daily view for a 24h rent. This app is still under development. It will gain more useful features in course of time. The application remains highly customizable and you can always adjust it to your needs.

You can evaluate our efforts in the available car rental demo:

 car rental calendar

A step by step tutorial with detailed how-to descriptions is provided here.

If you have some recommendations or suggestions, feel free to comment below. Your feedback is very much appreciated.



Viktoria Langer

DHTMLX Scheduler .NET product care manager and customer manager since 2012. Interested in ASP.NET and trying to create valuable content.

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