ASP.NET Scheduler | Timeline view

Add a Timeline View to Your ASP.NET Event Calendar/Scheduler

Save your time! Get detailed instructions on how to initialize timeline view and set your calendar properties!

DHTMLX Scheduler .NET is a calendar control that allows you to create Outlook-like or Google-like calendar with seamless Ajax data loading and rich user-friendly scheduling interface.

Create now an easy-to-use scheduler with:
  • horizontal timeline view in 3 modes: bar, cell, tree
  • recurring events support
  • advanced drag-and-drop capabilities
  • quick navigation with date picker
  • and other features...

Events Filtering

Events filtering allows you to define the display of the available calendar events in the timeline view and filter them by type, occurence, location, number, etc. Events can be filtered separtely for each view.

Date Picker

You can add a convenient date picker to your calendar with a timeline view and quickly navigate through days, month and years. It can be placed to the left of the calendar or displayed as a popup mini-calendar.

Google Maps Integration

Integration with Google Maps allows you to display map for the event location on the timeline. Users can specify a location in an event details form or choose the desired location right on the map