Touch support in Scheduler .Net

Touch support in Scheduler .Net

Scheduler .Net provides support for touch devices, such as:

  • iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod);
  • Windows 8-based tablets and touch screen monitors;
  • Android-based devices.

Technically, the scheduler will work on the latest smartphones as well, but due to the lack of screen space it's still not a good idea.

Important tips!

  • Touch support is enabled by default and provided in all modes of the scheduler.
  • If your app is intended to be used on the touch devices, we strongly recommend to use the 'dhx_terrace' skin as it provides reasonably big and easy-to-touch buttons.
  • We recommend to add the meta tag on the page. It'll protect you from zooming on a touch device.
    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">

Touch configuration options

  • DHXScheduler.Config.touch - (boolean) enables/disables the touch support in the scheduler (by default, true);
  • DHXScheduler.Config.touch_tip - (boolean) enables/disables prompting messages in the right up corner of the screen (by default, true);
  • DHXScheduler.Config.touch_drag - (integer) defines the time period in milliseconds that is used to differ the long touch gesture from the scroll gesture. If you set the 0 value, the user won't be able to drag events (by default, 500).

Touch gestures in the scheduler

  • Double tap - works the same as double click in the normal scheduler (triggers event edition or creation);
  • Long tap and drag - moves or creates events;
  • Swipe - switches view to the next|prev time span.

'Quick info' extension

Specially for providing touch functionality, the library is extended with a new extension - “Quick Info”. The extension allows you to replace standard sidebar buttons and simplified edit form (which are quite small and hard-to-target on touch devices) with new ones, bigger and handier.

quick info extension

To enable the extension you just need to add the related extension file on the page:


The extension provides:

  • 3 templates (see details here)
    • DHXScheduler.Templates.quick_info_title - specifies the title of the pop-up edit form;
    • DHXScheduler.Templates.quick_info_content - specifies the content of the pop-up edit form;
    • DHXScheduler.Templates.quick_info_date - specifies the date of the pop-up edit form.
  • 1 configuration option
    • DHXScheduler.Config.quick_info_detached - (boolean) defines whether the edit form will appear from the left/right side of the screen(false) or near the edited event (true). By default, true
  • 1 JavaScript method
    • scheduler.showQuickInfo(eventId) - displays the pop-up edit form for the event with the specified id.

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