Common templates

Common templates


Available templates:

Texmplates Lightbox

Note, if the DHXScheduler.Templates.lightbox_header template isn't specified, the date part of the header will be set according to DHXScheduler.Templates.event_header (04:00 - 04:05 in the picture above).


You have the possibility to create tooltips over events regardless of the type of a view. This could be used to display additional event information without the need of 'opening' the event.

Templates Tooltip

To take the possibility you should:

  1. Add the dhtmlxscheduler_tooltip.js file to the Scripts folder.
  2. Add the following line to the code to activate extension:

    sched.Extensions.Add(SchedulerExtensions.Extension.Tooltip);// 'sched' is an DHXScheduler instance

After performing these 2 steps, tooltips will be displayed with the default settings. To set a custom look - use the DHXScheduler.Templates.tooltip_text template.

Touch support

Scheduler .Net provides a special extension 'Quick Info' to enable touch support for its applications. You can read more on the topic in the related chapter - 'Touch support in Scheduler .Net'.

The extension supplies 3 templates:

Edit form

API templates

Available templates:

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