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Case Study: Neolab Budgeting Tool with Scheduler

Another example showcasing successful integration of Scheduler .NET into a budgeting tool created to control company's performance. The operational director of Neolab d.o.o Matic Smolcovic has willingly shared it with us. Every business needs a comprehensive overview of its financial flow and it can be achieved through a budget planning application like the one described below:

In the past years, we have noticed businesses often have problems with planning and monitoring their revenues and expenses, something that is becoming even more of an issue specially as companies grow. That is why we have developed the Neolab Budgeting tool, a solution helping executives and financial managers to have a good insight into not only how their company is performing at the moment, but how it will operate in the future as well. By planning a few years in advance and monitoring how actual performance follows, the right decisions can be made in the right time.

You start by planning your revenues of the most important clients and products. These numbers help you create a complete yearly budget, adding expenses to the planned revenues, month by month. You are able to modify this budget by using the forecasting data, changing the budget values based on most recent information. And finally, the actual financial performance is added to the system, closing the loop of plan – execution – control.

Neolab budgeting enables you be on top of your business, even if you're on the go. It also offers you to identify key clients, account managers, profit centers and even geographical units. The environment can be granulated according to specific business requirements, so no matter how small or big your company is, you can always depend on the budgeting tool to delivering business value.

Our focus group is small to medium sized companies, who can not afford costly solutions from big IT companies, but are aware of the benefits of budget planning and other activities, through which you can get a better understanding who your best and/or worst clients/products are.

Over time and because of client requests, we have also added CRM and Project management functionalities. Those include clients list, contacts, adding documents and notes on client or contact, creating projects and tasks and adding hours to those tasks, creating campaigns and adding leads on them and many other functionalities.

Our goal is to provide different clients with most effective and simple application, which suits to client's business needs and processes.

Along the way, some clients asked for calendar control for various business needs. Those included classic use of calendar for daily events, project planning, vacation planning, tracking hours spent for certain client/project/task and even planning lunch breaks (when, where and what to eat). We have also synchronized .NET Scheduler with Microsoft Office365 (cloud version of Microsoft Office).

Business challenge

  • In our case of calendar control we have two options:
  • develop our own calendar control, or
  • try to use existing solutions of calendar controls.
  • Since we are a small company with limited resources, we went for the second option. The search began and our criteria was:
  • a simple, yet powerful and reliable control,
  • clean design,
  • strong and active development team,
  • tech compatibility and ability to upgrade/modify control.


"We chose .NET Scheduler control among many others. It has everything what we were looking for and more. Custumization is possible and achievable without much hassle, the design is clean and simple and there is a good online documentation. Above all we are very satisfied with customer support. It is responsive and most of all, helpful. So far we are really a happy customer!" - says Matic Smolkovic.

About Customer

NEOLAB is a Slovenian company that develops business information systems, websites, web portals, e-commerce and provides consulting services in organization, marketing and information technology areas.

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