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Case-Studies: Online Appointment Scheduling Software from Yocale

Another case study shared by Amir Chaychi, the VP of Software Development at Yocale Network Corporation from Vancouver, Canada. He describes how DHTMLX Scheduler .NET calendar control contributed to their attempt to create the best online appointment scheduling software in the market:

"When it comes to building software, there are dozens of pieces that need to be put together to make it work.

To add to this, developing custom code gives its own challenges right from the beginning, and throughout the project life cycle.

Here at, we wanted to create the best online appointment scheduling software out there in the market. Period.

Not only did we want to provide customers an easy way to access, manage, and book their appointments with their doctors, salons, and lawyers, but we also wanted our clients, the ones offering the services, a great way to handle a busy schedule without adding more complexity to their day.

The calendar portion was our most vital piece of the puzzle. It allows customers the ability to book online appointments with businesses, simply and easily. Without it, our entire business model would not work.

Our app was designed to give businesses greater flexibility by allowing their customers the ability to book appointments on their own time, from anywhere. Whether from their home desktop computer, or on the go on their mobile smartphone.

The Yocale booking app is the perfect tool for small businesses of all sorts. Whether they are in health, beauty, automotive, professional services, or any other appointment-based business, we give them full control over their schedule, bookings and online presence to meet their unique industry and business requirements.

Business Challenge

So, initially we were faced with a big dilemma. Do we spend the time, and resources, building the calendar functionality in house, which would take many hours and use up developer time that would be better spent on building out other parts of the booking system, or do we go out and try to find a controller that already existed in the market place.

When it comes to software development, time is money.

The choice was simple.


We saw that the DHTMLX Scheduler .Net calendar control was the premiere controller to use. It was fully featured and offered us the ability to simply integrate it into our Yocale booking appointment calendar, much easier than if we decided to spend many, many hours building it out ourselves.

We used DHTMLX because of its flexibility and the fact that it is fully customizable. To add to this it offered us ASP.Net and MVC compatibility, and was easy to integrate and had fast implementation.

So, when we had the opportunity to use a top controller that already did pretty much everything we needed it to do, it was a no-brainer.

In looking back, we couldn't be happier with the decision. Ever since its implementation, it has offered us the time back to work on other parts of the software that our developers needed to put their focus on.

Could we have gotten away without it? Yes. But would it have been the wisest choice? No! Its been such a wise decision for us to go ahead and get the Scheduler .Net that we feel that without it, we couldn't have done so many other things at the same time.

We are very impressed with the DHTMLX Scheduler .Net calendar control. It's not only simple to implement, and saves many hours of development time and costs, but the team who designed it back it up with first class support when we did have questions.

If you are in the market for a pre built calendar booking controller, look no further than Scheduler .Net."

About Customer

Yocale’s simple yet powerful concept works within local communities to help businesses who provide appointment based services, and people looking for these types of businesses, to join together on one integrated platform.

Established in 2013, Yocale’s operating platform has been designed to cater to all businesses in any industry who provide appointments to their clients. With this, Yocale has become the better way to schedule appointments, and the community destination leader to discover and book services locally.

Yocale is further enriching communities by bringing them all together on one amazing platform using social, mobile, and local technologies to help local businesses and people connect in new ways where it matters the most - in their locale!

If you also like to showcase your product that uses DHTMLX Scheduler .NET on our website, follow the instructions provided here.