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Case Study: Administration Portal from Axcess

We are glad to share a case study from our customer describing how DHTMLX Scheduler .NET helped implement an administration portal that improved time management and efficiency in the company.

Business Challenge

In the past, companies have faced challenges with call flows due to the lack of overview, complex error correction, and manual operations of individual files, which led to increased chance of errors and inefficiency. The customer was challenged to develop a comprehensive system that provides an overview of the contact center including information about call queues and available agents.


Axcess has developed an administration portal called Axcess Solution, based on customers’ demand for a better user experience concerning the control of call flows. Access Solution is an integration of Cisco UC systems and a DHTMLX module, and it functions as a link between the company and its customers. The amount of calls and the way companies deal with customer contact is changing and Axcess Solution is a tool that can provide the fundamental overview.

With Axcess Solution, companies are provided with a graphic interface that allows them to gain an easily understandable overview of call queues, waiting time, agent status, opening hours, answered and unanswered calls. By implementing the system, companies can improve time management and efficiency because users no longer need to make separate changes or corrections in XML file-format. The easy-to-use application makes the system compatible for more employees and improves error elimination.


Axcess uses the system internally and due to the great experience, customers of Axcess have started to purchase and use it as well. Currently, five to seven companies have implemented the system besides Axcess and more are on its way.

  • Overall advantages of the system
  • The graphic interface provides a quick overview
  • Users no longer need to make corrections in XML file-format
  • Ease of use makes the system compatible for more employees
  • Error elimination
  • Improvement of time management

The Use of Scheduler .NET

”DHTMLX Scheduler .NET has enabled us to easily integrate an event control into our software solution. Our use and requirements for it, is a bit off the normal use, however the support team has been very kind to help us overcome the obstacle we ran into during the implementation,” - said Michael Kjeldsen, the System Engineer from Axcess.

The screenshot below gives an overview of how sheduler was integrated into the system. The priority is going from right to left. These events determine the operation of the contact center.

The other screenshot displays the settings for the event, in the top it is specified if the application is open, closed or redirect to another. The second line gives the customer the possibility to redirect to another number, where the third line is for another que in the system. The fourth to sixth line is to add an ad hoc prompt for the application. The seventh line is for a note to better explain the function for the end user.

About Customer

Axcess is a Danish IT company with approximately 260 employees located at offices in Ballerup and Aarhus. Over 150 of our employees are consultants. They are ready to help your organization, whether it is about Network, Security, Data Center, Collaboration or Services & Operations. Axcess is the largest Danish Cisco partner, and we have many years of experience in advising, designing, implementing and servicing Danish organizations' networks and infrastructure.

In December 2014, Axcess A/S was acquired by Atea, which is the largest supplier of IT infrastructure in Denmark. “Two plus two makes more than four”, is the mantra of the new cooperation. Our 70 new colleagues from Atea will now give you access to even more skills and a service organization that covers the entire Nordic region. Along with Atea we build Denmark with IT.

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