Scheduler .NET v.3.0: Flexible Time Scales, Improved API, and More

Today, we are thrilled to announce a major update of DHTMLX Scheduler .NET for ASP.NET to the version 3.0. It offers improved functionality and an enhanced experience for calendar users. The newly updated web control brings you:  

1. Flexible time scales

By customizing the horizontal time scale, you can choose the appropriate view scheme and add or hide your calendar time units (days, hours).

For example, you can remove weekends and choose to display only working week days. You can also display the working days of more than one week as it is shown below: calendar

When necessary, you can remove hours (for example, lunch breaks) from the time scale in the timeline view:

 time scale timeline view

2. Customized Events Display for Month View

Scheduler .NET 3.0 provides a possibility to set the number of events to be displayed in the cell. If the number of events exceeds the indicated limit, the scheduler will display the ‘View more’ link with the total number of events put in the brackets.   

limit events in month view 

3. Improved Date Logic for Recurring Events

We have improved the logic of the recurrence pattern for Scheduler .NET. Now repeated events start from the date of their actual occurrence.  For example, if you create a recurring event that starts every Tuesday on Friday, the event will be added starting from the next Tuesday. Previously, when you created recurring events for the next week, they were automatically added to the current week.  If required, you can keep the old method.

4. Improved Scheduler .NET API

We have updated the data loading process. Now you can add serialization attributes to the classes. That provides more flexible data loading and removes strict requirements on names of data model properties.

5. Updated Multi-Day View

The updated multi-day view allows displaying multi-day events in a standard mode with events lining in the upper part of the calendar or as overnight events (today/tomorrow mode):

 multiday overnight events

Besides, multi-day events are now visible by default.

6. Client-side Enhancements:

The new update allows you to initialize Scheduler .NET via javascript API.  The web control can be easily used as a jQuery plugin and seamlessly integrated with the Backbone library.

Get Scheduler .NET 3.0 right now.

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The default skin is 'terrace' starting from Scheduler .NET v.3.0

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Viktoria Langer

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