DHTMLX Scheduler .NET in Visual Basic (VB.NET Scheduler)

After a bit of work, we are glad to inform that now we can show you how DHMTLX Scheduler .NET can be coded not only in C# but also in VB.NET. 

vb net scheduler

Scheduler .NET samples that provide the rich functionality of our calendar control have been successfully converted from C# to Visual Basic

Actually, we have prepared 2 types of Scheduler samples - in ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC3.

Here is an example of coding in Visual Basic: 

creating vb net calendar

ASP.NET MVC3 Visual Basic code snippet is provided on the picture below:

coding calendar

 To check the VB.NET Scheduler in action get ready samples right now.

Stay tuned for a detailed tutorial!

The available samples will be later added to the trial package.

See also this 8 step tutorial to create a vb.net scheduler.


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Viktoria Langer

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