About this documentation

About this documentation

Documentation is your main assistant during development and provides fundamental information needed for apps creation.

First of all, before you start developing, make sure you read the following important chapters:

Confused where to start? Here are links to get you on your way:

  • Simple ASP.NET MVC application with Scheduler - gives essential notes you should know to create the first scheduler-related .NET application. Read this guide before coding your program.
  • Task manager (tutorial) - guides you through creating a .Net MVC project implementing tasks management.

Creating a simple scheduler doesn't cause any problems and you are ready to complicate and customize the app. Here are links to task-oriented chapters:

  • Skins - enumerates the available skins.
  • Loading data - says how to load events to the scheduler.
  • Managing CRUD operations - provides information that helps you define CRUD logic. Read this when you're going to create and delete events, save changes made in them.
  • Views - covers views supported by the library (e.g. Timeline, Day, Month views). Also it contains information that helps you add and customize views.
  • Lightbox - contains information concerning the lightbox (details form): how to add a field, create custom form and etc.
  • Data collections - describes data collections in the context of static loading.
  • Identifying users. Authorization - says how to secure your application and differentiate permission levels for users.
  • Filtering - learns how to filter events you load to the scheduler.
  • Data export - provides general guidelines about exporting data.

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